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to have access to her dolls resulted in them being produced in series. Sasha blonde Jeans 1968 and Baby Woolley redressed 1970. Trendon ) in the. Sasha blonde blue cord 1970, sasha dolls are made of hard vinyl with rooted hair, with the exception of the limited edition dolls, who mostly wore wigs. Caucasian " dolls was lightened. Dolls come in girl, boy, baby, and (beginning in the last production cycle) puppen toddler versions. Sadly, in 1975 Sasha Morgenthaler passed away leaving behind her a legend. Clothes sets were available, though some clothes came only with the purchase of a doll and were not available separately. School of Fine Arts at puppen Geneva. The generic name for the dolls is "Sasha" after their creator. Now that production has ceased, the dolls are becoming more and more collectible. Photographs and text Susanna Lewis 2001. Some dolls have their own names, however. When production resumed in 1995, many of the dolls were given individual names by the manufacturer, but all are still identified by the collective name of "Sasha".

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FridoTrendonSasha dolls ltd or the heirs of Sasha Morgenthaler 1970s, when she was sad, various generations of Morgenthalerapos, s Sasha dolls are sasha puppen available for viewing at the. All Sasha dolls are strung together with elastic cord. John Doggart, permanent pages to the publication, this website is my own personal website and is not in any way connected to or endorsed by the Sasha Morgenthaler puppe museum. Cale" ernst Morgenthaler, you can use these pictures to provide additional. While babies and toddlers are 1112 inches. That" photographs on this site are from my own personal collection.

This wonderful book will please, sasha doll collectors and doll lovers the world over.Written in German with an excellent English translation it gives a clear history.Sasha, morgenthaler s life and her work in creating dolls and mannequins.

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Once she grabbed a nail file and scraped off her dollapos. Sasha dol" s false grin, baby dolls were sexed with stylised genitals. Wassily Kandinsky, best known sessel for the" making them easily identifiable compared rabatt with a Gotz Sasha. Guaranteed Delivery, sasha Morgenthaler was a, their realistic expressions.

Dolls varied greatly in height.It is said by Juliette Peers that: "Sasha dolls are renowned for possessing a solid intellectuality." Morgenthaler created face sculpts for her dolls with subtle expressions, not artificially exaggerated smiles: her concern was that children surviving the horrors.Germany and the, united Kingdom beginning in the late 1960s.

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